Winning Communities Vision

Message Points

  •  We believe that how people in our community see themselves has everything to do with their well-being. 
  •  We can just let the future happen to us or we can organize ourselves for success.
  •  There are many great organizations getting good things done. That can’t stop. But what happens if we all come together to work on the collective vision?
  •  Winning Communities wants to partner with other Carlinville stakeholders in a spirit of cooperation to eliminate roadblocks to progress caused by territorialism and turf wars.
  •  Winning Communities is a sustainable process where the community comes together to assess our current situation, develop an agreed-upon vision for our future, and work together on action plans to become the community we believe we can be.
  •  Winning Communities is made up of many community volunteers. We are directed by a steering team and team leaders of specific goal areas. Each goal leader has a team working on a particular area of the community.
  •  The areas of focus are:
    •  Community Pride/Beautification/Downtown Development
    •  Economic Development
    •  Education/Lifelong Learning
    •  Infrastructure
    •  Social Services
    •  Broadband Connectivity
    •  Parks, Recreation and Leisure
  •  Winning Communities is moving in the direction of nonprofit charitable organization (501c3 status).