Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Macoupin County Community Education Center

  • Lewis & Clark is a two-year community college with its primary campus in Godfrey, Illinois. Its
    Carlinville campus, the Macoupin County Community Education Center, opened in 2006 at 18400
    Shipman Road.
  • The center includes a computer lab, two classrooms, four offices, and a testing room.
  • In addition to higher-education courses through Lewis & Clark, programs offered at the center
    include dual-credit courses for high school students, non-credit personal interest courses, and GED

Lewis and Clark Community College's Macoupin County Education Center is located in Carlinville. The
college combines the best of the traditional and the new to provide an environment that is accessible and
highly conducive to learning, social interaction, personal enrichment, physical development, and job skills

Lewis and Clark has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1970. Enrollments over the past five
years have grown 20 percent compared to seven percent in all Illinois community colleges. In fall 2003,
enrollment was 10,000 students: 7000 in credit courses and 3000 in non-credit. The College's high
retention rate of 66 percent is a tribute to the strong support services provided to students.

The College offers degrees in career and transfer programs as well as certificates. It also provides non-
credit courses that serve a wide range of individual and community needs, including GED programs, adult
education, ESL (English as a Second Language), personal enrichment courses and special needs
programs. Lewis and Clark regularly sponsors a multitude of sports, cultural and other activities and
events that enrich the life of the community and support the economic development of the region.