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Education enjoys a high priority in Carlinville, both public and private. 

Public Education

CarlinvilleCommunityUnitSchool District #1 is comprised of three elementary schools, a middle school and a high school that has taken high honors in both scholastic and sports- related endeavors. All schools inCarlinvilleCommunityUnitSchool District #1 are members of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA). The NCA is a voluntary accrediting association with high standards, often more stringent than those established by the Illinois State Board of Education. Schools that participate in the NCA endorsement process, therefore, meet not only the Illinois mandated school improvement requirements, but also standards beyond the expected level. 

 Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center is the home of the District's PreKindergarten and Kindergarten programs. The Center houses five kindergarten classes and two PreKindergarten classrooms and a parent room. 


The Begindergarten Program is the District's state-funded program for children ages 3 to 5 years old who have been identified as needing help in order to achieve school success. A child's eligibility for the program is based on individual or family needs. 

 Carlinville Primary School (Grades K-3) and Carlinville Intermediate School (Grades 4-5)

CarlinvillePrimary School and CarlinvilleIntermediateSchool's belief is that all children should be successful. It is also the belief of the elementary schools that when parent, child and staff communicate in a positive way on a regular basis, the child will succeed. Students are provided with a comprehensive, rich curriculum focusing on reading, math, social studies and science. Instructional methods are based on best-practice research. All teachers are highly qualified, trained professionals. The curriculum is also enhanced through the use of technology, where students receive support of the core curriculum. The children have opportunities for physical development through music, physical education and media. 

 Middle School

CarlinvilleMiddle School practices a philosophy that focuses on students making a successful transition from elementary school to high school. Moreover, the school strives to provide a positive learning environment to meet the unique and personal needs of the pre- and early adolescent. Building on basic skills acquired in elementary school, students explore an expanded curriculum, becoming more self-directed in preparation for high school and responsible entrance into the community.
The Middle School is organized in a "school within a school" concept. Each grade level has its own area within the building. The teachers are organized into teams whereby a group of teachers representing the core learning groups pools its resources to serve their respective students.

 Carlinville High School

CarlinvilleHigh School is a comprehensive secondary school with a long tradition of excellence. A rich curriculum provides a full range of opportunities for all students including special education, School-To-Career experiences and advanced placement classes. Students and their parents select a course of study to prepare for college admission, post-secondary technical training, or economically sustaining jobs and careers. High standards for student behavior and academic achievement prepare students to meet the challenges and responsibilities that lie beyond high school.CarlinvilleHigh School has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. Along with academics, CHS offers many co-curricular activities including: interscholastic athletics for men and women, instrumental and vocal music, Scholastic Bowl and W.Y.S.E. Team academic competition, and the all-school musical. Many student clubs also offer enhancement to classroom instruction and other social activities.

 ROE #40 Alternative Education Programs:

 The Adult Learning Center

This GED preparation program, operated under the guidelines set forth for the Illinois Community College Board, is open to residents of Calhoun, Greene, Jersey and Macoupin Counties who are 16 years of age or older and interested in obtaining the General Education Diploma (GED). Some high school credit classes are offered on a limited basis. Enrollment is open-entry/ open-exit, free of charge, and features individualized instruction.

 Regional Safe Schools Program

This highly-structured alternative education program is for students in grades 6-12 who are at-risk of school failure.SafeSchool operates under the guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education and State and Federal laws. In addition to individualized academic instruction, students receive behavior modification and personal responsibility training as a major part of the curricular offering of the Safe Schools Program. For further information, contact the Regional Office of Education at 854-4016.

 Private Education


Parents of the very youngest students have three well-run facilities to choose from:

  •  Children's GardenLearningCenter
  •  St. Paul's Church of Christ Pre-School
  •  ZionLutheranPre-School.


Blackburn College

Blackburn college occupies 80 acres of hilly, wooded land that was set aside for an institute of higher learning in 1837. Mature trees frame most of the College's 18 buildings, many of which were built by student workers. The predominant neoclassic architecture and established trees create a picture-perfect setting for a self-contained college campus. The College offers 40 areas of academic study and 12 varsity sports.

The College has always been an integral part of the community. Its library, athletic complex, chapel, theater, playing fields and campus center welcome townspeople and visitors to the campus. It is one of only seven "work colleges" in the nation where all resident students work in jobs instrumental to the college's daily operations, keeping tuition the lowest of all private schools in Illinois and among the lowest in the United States. Blackburn continues to renovate, build, and add state-of-the-art technology, making it a model institution for the 21st century. 

Lewis and Clark Community College

Lewis and ClarkCommunity College's MacoupinCountyEducationCenter is located in Carlinville. The college combines the best of the traditional and the new to provide an environment that is accessible and highly conducive to learning, social interaction, personal enrichment, physical development, and job skills enhancement.
Lewis and Clark has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1970. Enrollments over the past five years have grown 20 percent compared to seven percent in all Illinois community colleges. In fall 2003, enrollment was 10,000 students: 7000 in credit courses and 3000 in non-credit. The College's high retention rate of 66 percent is a tribute to the strong support services provided to students.
The College offers degrees in career and transfer programs as well as certificates. It also provides non-credit courses that serve a wide range of individual and community needs, including GED programs, adult education, ESL (English as a Second Language), personal enrichment courses and special needs programs. Lewis and Clark regularly sponsors a multitude of sports, cultural and other activities and events that enrich the life of the community and support the economic development of the region. 

 Special Education

The MacoupinCenter for the Developmentally Disabled was formally organized as "The Macoupin County Association for the Retarded Children" in 1956. The first classes started in January of 1961. Although the first classes started out with younger students, the age level of the school changed when the public schools began offering programs for mentally disabled children under the age of 21. Enrollment declined to eight students, ages 21 to 72, and the school moved to a private home. It soon outgrew that home and successfully built the present $150,000 TrainingCenter. Currently the school has 17 students from throughout MacoupinCounty and still receives enrollment of new applicants.