2014 Annual Chamber Dinner

2014 Annual Chamber Dinner

The speakers at this year's annual dinner were;
Richard Schien - CEO Program
John Comerford - Blackburn College
Mayor Deanna Demuzio - City of Carlinville
Richard Oswald - Carlinville Winning Communities
Scott Stinson - Central Realty / Carlinville Plaza
Tim Rhodus - Carlinville Chamber of Commerce

The "Meeting the Challenge Award" was given to Macoupin County Public Transportation. 

Pictured is
Carol Drew
Peggy Dunn
Olivia Turley, Jr Miss Carlinville
Carley Brown, Miss Carlinville



Diane Van Winkle talking about The Federated Church's "Take it to Town" event being a 2014 Governor's Award Finalist 

"The Millard Family Generosity Award" when to the the Carlinville Fire Department's "Help the Elf" program 

Tim Talking to Jim 2.JPG

The Jim Salske received the Person of the Year Award. He was out of town so Tim called Jim from his wife's phone to surprise him. Jim's wife, Becky, received the award on Jim's behalf.

The Chamber Board renamed the annual Leadership Award the "Richard Schien Leadership Award".  Richard was completely surprised

Richard Schien gives the first ever Richard Schien Leadership Award to Ken Reid for his leadership in the development of the Carlinville Hospital.   

The Cornerstone Award was given to WSMI for being a cornerstone of our community.  No one from WSMI was able to attend the annual dinner to receive the award in person. 

There were two Transformation Awards given. The first to Wall Street Financial/Carl Zeidler for the work in his building. Carl could not attend the annual dinner due to a recent surgery. 

Second was Panda Chinese Restaurant/Ivy for her work on her building.    

The Renewed Vision Award was given to Angus Baileys for the renewed vision that Eric & Liz Tawfall have brought to the restaurant since talking ownership.  Eric was traveling and unable to attend, but his wife, Liz and their children were there to receive the award.  

The Organization of the Year Award goes to the Rotary Club.

Epic Entertainment and JR LeVora received the New Business of the Year Award

The Plaza Cafe and Nicole Gaines received the Flavor of Carlinville Award

My Sister's Closet and Cindy Geninatti received the annual Business of the Year Award

The Carlinville Queens Carley Brown, Carlinville Queen, Olivia Turley, Carlinville Jr. Miss, and the self-named "Chamber Chicks" (Kara Taylor, Valerie Loveless, & Kaitlyn Finley) handed out awards to the recipients